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Vision - Building an interdependent community of engaged learners who go forth to influence the world around them.

James Cook School opened its gates to the foundation pupils on Tuesday 3rd February, 1970.

The concurrence of the Cook Bi-Centenary and borough’s name, which is associated with the birthplace of the famous explorer, undoubtedly influenced the parents’ choice of the school’s name. At a meeting held in the school on 16th December 1969,

Several names were suggested but an overwhelming vote was given to the name James Cook School.

It was also felt by the School Committee at the time that the school colours should also reveal the historical influence of Captain Cook. They consulted Dr. J.C. Beaglehole, a world authority on the explorer. He suggested that the colours could be based on the colours with which ships of the Royal Navy were painted in the 18th Century. Then, the hulls were either pitch or dark green with the super structure painted a buff colour. To avoid any confusion with another local school, Lincoln Green and Gold were the final choice.

The choice of the motto was eased by the knowledge of that Cook’s ships were named after admirable human qualities.

Consequently, “Endeavour and Resolution” was chosen.

It is fitting that this school is named after Captain James Cook. This man represents to us all the qualities that are highly

respected today - fortitude, enterprise, a thirst for knowledge and social consciousness. It is the School’s desire that every

endeavour should be made to see that such qualities are inculcated and nurtured in all the pupils who attend James Cook School.

Mission Statement - “Achieving Excellence through Aroha, Endeavour and Resolution”

James Cook School, Marton, NZ - 2020