Vision - Building an interdependent community of engaged learners who go forth to influence the world around them.

Please come in and talk to us if you are interested in enrolling your child at James Cook School.

We are happy to show you and your whanau around, share about our learning and the RICHER culture at James Cook School

Enrollment forms are available from the school office.

Mission Statement - “Achieving Excellence through Aroha, Endeavour and Resolution”

The James Cook School Board of Trustees is advertising a one-off pre-enrolment period from today until Monday February 13, 2023 for the following year groups only.

We have the following out-of-zone spaces available;

4 in Y4 for 2023

4 in Y5 for 2023

4 in Y6 for 2023

We have no out-of-zone spaces for other year groups at this time.

Families living in our home zone (in-zone) can enrol at James Cook School at any time in any year group. Families with a sibling already enrolled at James Cook who are out-of-zone can also enrol at any time in any year group.

Contact the James Cook School office for an enrolment pack on (06) 327-8229. Applications for this pre-enrolment period close at 3pm on Monday 13 February 2023. If required, we will run a ballot. All successful applicants will be notified for this enrolment period on Wednesday 15 February, 2023.

Please inform friends and family members who live out-of-zone who you know have children at these year levels that want to enrol at James Cook School.

James Cook School Board of Trustees

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